Corporate Law in Edmonton: What You Need to Know

When it comes to matters related to corporate law in Edmonton, it’s important to partner with an experienced legal team to ensure your best interests are being respected in every contract, negotiation or sale/purchase. Over the years, LA Law has worked with businesses from many sectors and of all sizes: from single owners to large national companies. You’ve worked hard to establish and grow your business; now trust a dedicated legal team to protect your effort.

Business owners should know that consulting an experienced corporate law firm can benefit them at any stage of operation. Whether you need assistance incorporating your start-up to help get it off the ground, or you need guidance for mergers, acquisitions and other matters, turning to LA Law is a prudent decision.

When you choose LA Law, you’ll put the experience of a dynamic team to work for you. Always prompt, professional and precisely aimed at your goals, LA Law promises individualized service from beginning to end.

Trust our experts at LA Law to assist you in all business and corporate needs. We offer services pertaining to:

  • Private Incorporations – legal fees $1200.00 includes disbursements & GST
  • Purchase or sale of a business
  • Purchase or sale of shares

Private Incorporations

A great way to protect yourself and your business is through business incorporation. Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers can assist you in creating incorporating your business and turning it into a legal entity. By doing so, your business can legally contract with others, act as a property owner and receive helpful tax breaks. Through incorporation, your business may also be sued. Although this doesn’t seem beneficial, it actually protects you and your shareholders from being individually sued. Establishing your business through LA Law ensures that you will save on cost, taxes and liability.

Purchase or Sale of Business

Are you considering buying a business? Rely on our experts at LA Law to help you assess the risks and educate you on all the facets you need to be thinking about, including valuation and financing. On the other hand, we are also available to assist you when you are considering selling. We can help work through the steps and make the most informed decisions possible.

Purchase of Sale of Shares

In a shares sale, the buyer is purchasing the shares from the stockholders of the business. Whether you are the purchaser or the seller, LA Law is on-hand to advise you through the process and help you make decisions that will benefit you and your needs.
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